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                                      Our people are among the most talented in the industry.                                         It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you. Born in Edmonton, North London, and has had a long involvement in the music business which began at the age of 13. 
Going back towards the end of 1981, fuzzy dee and he's brother Zak were then introduced to John Dawson, Mark Mayson, & Johnny Hayward, who went on to become the founder members of the Radio free station LWR (London Weekend Radio) a.k.a (London Wide Radio) on weekdays, this broadcasted on 92.5FM for nine and a half years.
Sister MC I’m a Christian and  gave my life to Christ in 1998. I am a member of Clapton New Testament Church of God. I am also a qualified Holistic Therapist in Aromatherapy, Reflexology & Swedish Remedial Massage. I have many hobbies which are: Drama, writing songs & poetry & singing, I love my community and have become involved in many activities i.e. Grace Organisation (Keep Fit & Massage) with the elderly. X7eaven Performing Arts in Leyton working with young people with dance & drama. On Sunday nights you can find me presenting & playing music on fdrstudio.net with The Victorious Gospel Show from 9pm – 12midnight. I love music and have a large collection of gospel, soul & reggae music.I am in my 40’s and married to Winston we have two beautiful children aged 17 & 25 yrs, and we all live in North London.
Dj Eyez is 19 years old and she has been working as a dj for 4 years. “Me and my younger brother loved music, loved to dance, loved to sing, always wanted to try dj-ing. My brother trained me with the simplest dj programme, how to mix and select tunes. He then took a back seat in the dj-ing field to build my confidence and make me more independent. I’ve djed at minor house parties, and progressed onto bigger occasions such as christenings, then onto clubs (raves). My dj style is more focused on the young people from about 11 to 21 years old. I can also play for the more mature audience with genres such as lovers rock,reggae, soca, old skool and slow jams.” You can keep up with me on  twitter @djeyesz or fb.
Nicz is 18 years old, she’s very high fashion, and takes pride in her beauty. Organisation is the key to success, that’s what nicz believes. She has a lot of ideas of plans in life, shes organised several raves with back up of theme’s and why it was chosen and the reason for her ideas.
SLB is 17 years old and works mostly with the design aspect of things.  She has been designing for many years now, and has moved onto fashion designs for her upcoming fashion label."I also select music.” SLB has selected music for Dj Eyesz in the past whilst playing out at (partys, shows and events).
Sista Miriam  
Likened unto the Biblical Miriam – ‘ leading the giving of thanks to The Almighty’
Exodus 15:20-21
Miriam’s life as a prophetess and leader in Israel provided encouragement to the women of Israel.
Born Pauline Evadney Miriam Williams
Sista Miriam embraces the Divinity of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie and Empress Menen. The greatest thing is to know, Seek and though shall find!
Sista Miriam is a sweet voiced singer, known for her clear diction, tone, clarity and range.
Diverse in practice, she is a talented songwriter, performer and teacher.
Her style of music is very much Reggae based, with influences of Jazz and Soul.
As a songwriter,
Early studio techniques were taught to her by Fuzzy Dee, with who her working and family relationship has remained to this day!
Fuzzy ‘Heavyweight’ Dee has had a long involvement in the music business, through sound systems and bands. In the 80’s Dee collaborated with his brother to form Zak & Dee Productions, where they pioneered weekly events at the Strand’s Lyceum Ballroom to promote acts to a larger audience.
The company moved into radio broadcasting and resurrected the defunct London Weekend Radio (LWR) station, where they stayed for nine years.
Fuzzy Dee’s immense skills as producer, engineer, DJ and musician continue to flourish with innumerable acts, to many to mention.
Sista Miriam joined was called, 'Zion Bells' she was one of three backing vocalists.
They supported, 'Black Slate', who was riding high in the UK charts with the song, Amigo. Sista Miriam is also a radio presenter on www.fdrstudio.net on the Heartical Vibe Show, sharing music, events, information & edutainment. Saturdays 7-10pm